12V Saluting Artillery Igniter

12V DC Saluting Artillery Igniter: gas igniter; nature gas igniter;gun salute igniter;  


1,Suitable for gas burner, natural gas, gun salute igniter; salvo transformer and so on.

2, DC12V

3, 1 year warranty

1. Usage:

Applicable to salute the ignition, mining ignition, gas burner, gas oven of ignition, fire automatic electronic ignition etc, can be used in gas burner. Now on the market It is the best quality and the thunder ignition.

2.detailed pictures and its datas:

1.Product size:  60 mm 30cm 23 cm

2 the input voltage: DC12V:

3.. output: 30kv-50KV

4.working current:2.0A-3A

5:Spark space:6MM

6. Continuous ignition timing: 30MIN respectively


8.Input line length: 225mm

9.output line length:485mm

(we can customize line length for your inquire)


3. Salute ignition installtion instruction:

1. According to the red line or pick spark ignition needle

2 finelines used to connect power or battery or control, red  connected with positive,another connected with grounded negative.


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