1g/h Ozone Generator Cell

ozone plate

Used in household air  purifier,air fresher, home air purifier,Dryer,dishwasher,shoe cabinet, household disinfectant cabinet, oxygen bar, dehumidifier, refrigerator, domestic appliance and so on.

  1. Specification:

Feeding in:dry air and oxygen best

Frequency:input 50/60hz, out put 18khz

Output voltage: 3.1kv

Size of Shell: 145mm*55mm*41mm

Size of plate: 75*34mm

O3 output: 1g/hour(under air circumstance)

Input: AC: 220V, 110V,DC :12V,24V

Power: 20w

Ozone plate material:ceramic

The principle of operation: Corona Discharge

Material of inut and output wire: Silicon Rubber Wire

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