1g/h Ceramic Tube Ozone Generator Cell


Ceramic ozone tube of 1g/h

Used in Household water purifier, Water purification factory, Large hotel, Hospital disinfection, ozone machine, Aquaculture, Sewage disposal facility, SPA and Hot tub, Water dispenser, Big Swimming pool, Drinking water company, Pharmaceutical factory and so on


  1. Specification:

Feeding in:dry air and oxygen best

Size of tube:160*31*55mm

Size of Transformer: 145mm*55mm*41mm

Size of Module: AC 220V:152*57*44mm,AC 110V: 133*56*35mm

Oxygen gas feeding:1L/MIN,  ozone concentration:36.8-37.9mg/l

Oxygen gas feeding:3L/MIN,  ozone concentration:21.9-22.1mg/l

Oxygen gas feeding:5L/MIN,  ozone concentration:14-14.8mg/l

O3 output: 1g/hour (under air circumstance)

Input: AC: 220V, 110V

Power: 30w

Ozone Tube material:ceramic

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