20g/h Corona Discharge Ozone Generator


ozone therapy machine of 20g/h for water purfier


1 Outer case is made of the corrosion resisting stainless steel.

2 mobile, conveniently to be used, flexible, and can be sterilized in a variety of target sites and many other advantages of mobile disinfection
3 ozone quartz glass tube cavity for the removal of ozone at high concentrations, a more thorough disinfection and sterilization, long-life design
4 air-source and oxygen source one machine, the customer can use on demand



1, the laboratory: materials, oxidation, fading, and the effect of small scale sewage treatment experiments.
2, the beverage processing industry: such as purified water, mineral water, beverages such as the production of water disinfection.
3, fruit and vegetable processing industry: If the vegetable storage, preservation, processing and production of water and so on.
4, the food processing industry: such as the production of water, production workshop, sterile room, equipment, tools and so on.
5, the pharmaceutical industry: production, such as water, central air conditioning systems, shop, locker room, sterile room.
6, the medical industry: such as hospital wards, operating theaters, medical equipment, sterile room

Also we can made you the 40g, 50g,100g ozone machine, the machines are customized!

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