5g ozone generator for water

5g ozone generator for water

5g ozone generator

Input voltage:110 V/220V 50HZ

O3 output: 50mg-80mg/m3 (under Oxygen circumstance)
O3 output:40mg-50mg/m3 (under Air circumstance)
When use 10-15L Air pump/Min:
O3 Output:3g-4g/hour (under Air circumstance)
O3 Output:6g-8g/hour (under Oxygen circumstance)
Cooling: Air Cooling
Input: AC: 220V, 110V
Power: 80W (adjustable)
Frequency: 3-4 khz
Tube Material: high quality 96 Ceramic
Output: 3.1kv-3.5kv
Under the Oxygen circumstance:
The flow rate is at 0.5L/Min,the O3 Concentration is 80MG/L.
The flow rate is at 1L/Min,the O3 Concentration is 60MG/L

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