7000mg Ceramic Plate Ozone Generator Cell

car ozone generator

Used in household air purifier, air fresher, home air purifier, Dryer, dishwasher, shoe cabinet, household disinfectant cabinet, oxygen bar, dehumidifier, refrigerator, domestic appliance and so on.

  1. Specification:

Size of Shell: 145mm*55mm*41mm

Size of plate: 112*50mm*2PCS

Feeding in: dry air and oxygen best

Ozone output:7g/hour(under air circumstance)


Frequency: input 50/60hz, out put 18khz

Output voltage: 3.1-3.5kv

Input voltage:AC 220/110V, DC 24V

Ozone plate material:ceramic

The principle of operation: Corona Discharge

Material of inut and output wire: Silicon Rubber Wire

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