9v fireworks electric igniter

9v fireworks electric igniter


Our company produces the ignition coil inexpensive. This product is suit for security equipment, guard against theft and so on.

We have three kinds of voltage-multiplying ignitor for you to choose. 35 voltage-multiplying,65 voltage-multiplying,95 voltage-multiplying,you can choose any one you like.


The input voltage :9V

The working current 1A-1.5A

Output voltage: 30KV – 50KV

Discharge Space: 7mm to 8mm

Continuous discharge time: 30 minutes

Ignitor size: 47*37*15mm

Weight: 48 G

Input line length: 100mm

Output line length: 35mm

(we can customize line length for your inquire)

The product above is available in our factory. If you need some special require about igniter specification and usage, please feel free to contact us, we could also customize it for you

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