Ozone Analyzer of MC800


MC800 portable space the Ozone Analyzer

Ozone Analyzer

MC800 portable space the Ozone Analyzer


* the small volume, light weight, waterproof, explosion-proof, shock design

* high precision, high resolution, quick response

* the large capacity rechargeable lithium battery, long time continuous work

* digital LCD backlit, sound and light, vibration alarm function

* sensor using electrochemical ozone sensor

* upper and lower limit alarm value can be set in a random manner, bring their own zero and target concentration calibration function, built-in

Temperature compensation, easy maintenance

* wide range, maximum numerical display to 50000 PPM, 100.00% Vol, 100% LEL

* data recovery function, avoid misoperation cause trouble back at home

* shell with special material and process, is not easy to wear and easy to clean, long time use if brightness is new

Technical parameters:

Tracer gas: ozone in the air

Detection principle: electric chemical formula

Detection range: 0 ~ 5 PPM, 10 PPM, 20 PPM, 50 PPM, 100 PPM, 500 PPM, 1000 PPM, 2000, 3000, 5000 PPM optional

Points distinguishing rate: 0.001 PPM (0-10 PPM); 0.01 PPM (0 ~ 100 PPM); 0.1 PPM (0 ~ 500 PPM above); 1 PPM (0-1000 PPM)

Test method: diffused, pump suction optional

Display mode: LCD backlight display

Precision: acuities plus or minus 3% (F.S)

Linear error: plus or minus 2% F.S

Repetitive error: plus or minus 2% F.S

Alarm way: sound and light alarm, vibration alarm (matching function)

Response time: less than 30 s

Recovery time: less than 40 s

Work power: DC3.6 V

Battery capacity: 3.6 VDC, 1800 ma, with charging protection function

Sensor life: two years

Use environment: temperature – 20 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃; Relative humidity acuities 95% RH (not gel)

Explosion-proof type: intrinsically safe

Explosion-proof mark: Exia II CT6

Protection level: IP65

Outlook size: 125 x 52 × 30 mm (L × W × H)

Standard accessories: manual, charger

Heavy quantity: 200 g

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