Ozone Detector


CLEAN OZS30Pen Type Dissolved Ozone Detector


CLEANOZS30 dissolved Ozone Detector

Introduction CLEANOZS30 dissolved Ozone Detector, is three electrodes method test innovators! Create a new field of application of the lab. For a long time to solve the lab and field measurement problem. Her accuracy, stability, zero consumables etc., let you fondle admiringly.


Application of three electrode principle measuring dissolved ozone concentration, accurate rapid and reliable, and can be and DPD method comparison. Need not consumables, The maintenance quantity was small, Measurement value from low temperature or turbidity influence. To replace CS6930 dissolved ozone electrode; Accurate stability; Easy cleaning and maintenance. MHX4 assembly structure design, strong waterproof, hold the comfortable. Maintenance is simple, without any tools can easily replace the battery and electrode. Ship form airframe design to ensure floating screen up, electrode full access to the water. 10 groups measuring numerical storage function. Do more baimiao LCD, storage backlight, convenient the dark read value. Two AAA7 number battery, the service life is more than 500 hours, the economy is convenient.

Tip: to ensure the stability of measurement data, suggest collocation CLEANA530 uniform circular sample tank use.

Technical parameters:

Measuring range:0-10.00 PPM

Resolution:0.01 PPM

Accuracy:Plus or minus 1% F.S.

Temperature measurement range:0.0 100.0 ° C / 32-212 ° F

Correction mode:2 point (0, arbitrary point)

Lock functionCan choose manual or automatic

Memory function:10 sets of data memory

Electrode:CS6930 dissolved ozone electrode

Screen:22 * 32 mm line liquid crystal display (LCD)

Power:2 x1. 5 v AAA7 number battery

Size/weight:164 * and * 40 mm / 100 g

Automatic shutdown:No key movement after 6 minutes

Protection level:IP67

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