IDEAL-2000 Ozone Monitor


IDEAL-2000 Ozone Monitor

IDEAL-2000 Ozone Monitor type used mainly for the export of ozone generator ozone detection, the use of ultraviolet light-emitting LED, UV lamp life of an ordinary 5-10 times (more than 20,000 hours), data stability, accuracy high; the use of the integration of light pool shunt layer structure, with no leakage, high pressure resistance, the impact of large flows of gas sampling, easy cleaning, easy maintenance, simple operation. Process equipment in the use of automatic zero, to ensure the accuracy of the concentration and to avoid the zero-drift, with a 4-20mA and RS-485 signal output.



When used, first to ensure that the electrical, piping connections are correct, especially the ozone input and output can not be reversed.
The first boot detector automatic zero, zero air gas zero automatically when the interval from the boot of a gradual extension of 3 minutes, about 30 minutes after the first 10 minutes. Users can be ordered by sending a communication to achieve zero or buttons.



Ozone Monitor IDEAL-2000Connection graph

Technical parameters:
Range range: 1 ~ 30mg / L, 1 ~ 150mg / L, 1 ~ 200mg / L optional;
Display resolution: 0.1mg / L;
Show the median: 4;
Accuracy: 3%;
Means of communication: RS-485;
Communications parameters: 9600,8, N, 1;
Output: Differential 4-20mA, or optional 0-5V, linear;
Weight: 1.5Kg
Input gas pressure: Max 0.1MPa;
Input gas flow :1-5L / min (access bypass 1L/min);
Power: AC 220V 50Hz;
Size: 160mm (length) × 80mm (width) × 250mm (H)



IDEAL-2000 Ozone Monitor Panel diagram:
1.  Front 2.  Display window

3. status indicators 4. Power instructions
5. after zeroing button panel 6. Rear Panel

7. Power Switch 8. input and output port of ozone
9. Air outlet connector 10
12. Nameplate


Is mainly used for continuous detection of a variety of industrial environments, the ozone gas can also be used to detect the operation of the pipeline, container and other environmental ozone gas, ozone generator, ozone generator of export concentration and output of measurement

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