30g/h Household Ozone Generator for Formaldehyde & Odor Removal

Ozone output: 30000mg/h
Input voltage: 220V
Current consumption: less than 1300mA
Power consumption: less than 300w
Output high voltage: 5.5±0.5KV
Size: 30cm18cm20cm

Instructions for use: plug it in and use it

Scope of application: Suitable for sterilization and disinfection in homes, automobiles, workshops, greenhouses, bathrooms, conference rooms, public places, air purification ozone disinfection and sterilization machine It releases high-concentration ozone, which is one of the known strong oxidants. At a certain concentration, it can quickly kill various harmful bacteria in water and air. It is recognized as a broad-spectrum disinfectant in the world.

Introduction: Ozone is a strong oxidant, which can quickly kill bacteria in the air at a certain concentration. There is no toxic residue, no secondary pollution, and its chemical properties are particularly active, and it is known as a clean oxidant and disinfectant.”

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