Ignition Transformer for Gas & Oil Burner and Diesel Heater

220V High Energy Ignition Transformer
Multiple models can be customized based on your requirements.

  • Reliable ignition power.
  • Designed for constant duty.
  • Works cooler, quieter and safer on all types of burners.
  • The most reliable ignition source for commercial, residential and industrial applications.
  • Provides superior EMI and RFI protection.
  • Meets American and European noise emission standards.

Ignition Transformer

Why Choose Us

  • We are an Alibaba Certified Factory with 20+ years of experience in manufacture and sales.
  • We have a SGS Certificate.
  • Our products are strictly in accordance with ISO9001, CE, and RoHS.
  • By providing our clients with quality products at the most favorable prices, they are sold well in the South American and European markets.
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