Mini Music Tesla Coil DIY Kit Finished Product with Power Supply High Frequency High Voltage Plasma Loudspeaker

Size: 95mm*53mm*65mm (length, width and height)

Power input: DC 2-24v, current 1-2A, DC5.5 interface

Audio input: 3.5 jack, can connect mobile phone, mp3, computer audio

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Improvements in new version product:Larger radiator and better heat dissipation performance to make the system work more stably.

The secondary coil adopts chemical glass, which is more heat resistant and stable than plastic water pipes. It can work continuously for 1 week without being damaged.

Acrylic panel base in black is now available.


Main parameters:Size: 95mm*53mm*65mm

Power input: DC 2-24V, 1-2A, DC5.5 interface

Audio input: 3.5mm audio interface adaptable for mobile phone, computer audio, etc.


Advantages:Finished product: no assembly and welding required.

Kit: Come with detailed parts instructions and assembly instructions. The SMD components on the back of the product have already been soldered, with only a few larger ones to be soldered.


Glass tube secondary coil.More concise and with better electrical performance.

PCB onboard primary coil.

More concise, reliable and with better performance.

A neon bubble nearby is emitting green light when the coil discharges.

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