Wall-Mounted Ozone Machine

Ozone Production: 1000mg/h, 3500mg/h, 7000mg/h

Size 350x160x260(mm)

Timer cycle

Generator: Creeping discharge sheet

fan: 2.5m3/min

Maximum processing space(m3) 1600 1600 2400
Input voltage AC220 V
power 40 W 80W 110W
frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Fuse 2.5A

Ozone awareness:

Ozone not only protects all creatures on the earth from direct exposure to ultraviolet rays, it is also a strong oxidant, which can instantly kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses, decompose chemical substances without any residue, and is an excellent green environmental protection substance. It has unique advantages in sanitation and epidemic prevention, domestic and industrial and agricultural water and sewage treatment.

The ozone air purifying and disinfecting machine uses the principle of corona discharge and the surface discharge method; the ozone generator is designed and manufactured with ceramic chips and long-life discharge electrodes; it is equipped with a dedicated drive power supply, which is efficient and reliable, and has sufficient ozone output. The same volume is the current similar product The life and output are more than twice as long as the product, and the maximum processing space of a single unit reaches 1000 cubic meters; it is a product designed for disinfection treatment of the indoor environment (air and objects). Basic effects: kill viruses and bacteria on the surface of the air and objects, deodorize, and eliminate peculiar smells.


Use range:

(1) Hospital: Disinfect the environment of wards, operating rooms, and outpatient halls to kill viruses and bacteria on the air and indoor surfaces.

(2) Hotels: guest rooms, restaurants, kitchens, food rooms, and toilets are disinfected to eliminate odors and odors in the air and refresh the air.

(3) Food factory: Environmental disinfection of food workshop.

(4) Slaughter plant, meat, poultry and fish market: fresh air, deodorization, and deodorization.

(5) Warehouses, storage rooms, basements: environmental disinfection, deodorization, and odor removal.

(6) Station waiting halls, airport waiting halls, passenger compartments, toilets: air disinfection, deodorization and freshness.

(7) Disinfection of central air-conditioning ventilation ducts.

(6) Newly installed household cleaners can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, and carbon monoxide to kill bacteria, germs, and odorous molds from furniture in the air, and to purify the air. It is especially suitable for cleaning household kitchens and bathrooms.


Operation method:

(1) Insert the power plug firmly into the power socket.

(2) Set the working time. The set time of this level is 1-60 minutes. Turn on the power switch and start immediately.

When the brain timer starts to indicate, ozone can be released. The machine will work according to the length of time you set.

  • Turn the power switch to OFF, the purifier can stop running. Please unplug it when not in use for a long time.
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 16 × 26 cm