2‘’ PVDF SOI-S30 ozone venturi



The ozone venturi injector is made of three parts, which is tressurized pipe, the suction chamber, and the nozzle. It is a gas water hybrid approach which use the venturi principle. The ozone venture produce the negative pressure which use the high-speed water flow the throat of the mixing tube, cause the vacuum state of the suction chamber, under the influence of the pressure difference, the input-gas is sucked to the mixing tube. The water is stir strongly, gas is smashed to the small air bubble, turn into Gas-water emulsion of the mist, finally, be erupt through the spread port of the mixing tube, in continued, begain the Vortex stirring in the next tube, make the gas dissolve in the water.

Technical parameter

Out diameter of water inlet&outlet:2〞

Out diameter of air inlet&outlet: 1/2〞

Water Flow: 25-50T/hr

Material: PVDF

The check valve: be included in the air entry.

The requirement of the water: the temperature 0℃-60℃; PH for 5-11

Length: 290mm.

Net weight: 0.3 kg


• designed specifically for small water treatment products to the small volume of low-flow air-water mixing tube (ozone injector)


  • Unique mixing chamber design, a strong flow of water mixed with air injection to make Stir completely, the bubbles generated is much and smooth, high mixing efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life. Compact structure, easy maintenance, quick installation and reliable operation, they can always start or stop, and can also operate automatically
  • made ​​ofPVDF (fluorine plastic), resistant to ozone gas, to ensure thelong lifeofthemixing tube
    •Inside is check valve: corrosion-resistant nickel-based alloy-C spring, Viton seals, TEFION ball, KEI-F base
  • The quantity of ozone into : a metering valve can be adjusted according to the pressure and flow of the main flow intake



The water temperature does not exceed 0 ° C to 60 ° C, water PH value between 5 to 11, a mixture of non-flammable liquids, the length of ribbon in the water and other impurities can not be greater than 25cm, the particle diameter is less than 4mm

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