12V DC Igniter For Smoking Machine

12v pulse igniter for smoking machine 



1.External view  

1)View and size:50.9 mm*30 mm*24mm

2)Length of power input line( red):270mm    length of white line:280mm

3)Length of high voltage output line(red):420mm;length of blue white wire:420 mm


2. Electricity parameter

1),Input voltage:AC12V      Working current:2.0V-3A

2),Distance of ignition:6mm

Output voltage:80KV MAX

3),Time of continuous ignition:30min


5),Working voltage range: AC10.0V-14.0V

6),Continuous working period can be not less than 30min when working at rated voltage 12V, continuous working period can be not less than 25min when working at the voltage range of 10.0V-11.5V and 12.5-14.0V

7),Working environment temperature:5°C-45°C ,non-working environment temperature:95 °C


3. Salute ignition installtion instruction:

1. According to the red line or pick spark ignition needle

2 finelines used to connect power or battery or control, red  connected with positive,another       connected with grounded negative.

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