spring check valve of 12mm

spring check valve of 12mm

2. Usage:

Check valves are used to prevent flow of fluid (gas or liquid) in one direction and allow flow in the other direction.

3. Function:

1.Prevents damage to equipment, pumps, and flow systems by preventing backflow

2.Tubing barbed check valves are for an inert high purity smooth and clear flow path.

3.Use with liquids and gases for pressure or vacuum applications.

4.The check valves has a low pressure drop and can be specified with a wide variety of cracking pressures

4. Advantage:

1.We offer competitive pricing and reliability because we are the manufacture.

2.If your design requires a unique configuration, we will be pleased to quote your needs.

3.plastic materials can save money for you and are simple, welding to connect more firmly.

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