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Latest manufacturing and test equipment for automatic packaging, testing and packing process

Support OEM manufacturing according to customers’ drawings

A professional lab equipped with an AC & DC Forward Direction Aging System and High Temperature Reverse Bias Aging Test System

Direct supply from factory with a significant pricing advantage

Direct Wholesale of Silicon Bridge Rectifiers from Factory

We used to be a Taiwan-funded enterprise engaged in the manufacture and OEM of Silicon Bridge Rectifiers. Based on the domestic market, in recent years, we have shifted the direction of business development to overseas markets.

Our Silicon Bridge Rectifier Production Line

Engaged in the semiconductor industry and the design and manufacture of silicone bridge rectifiers for over 15 years, we have a full set of production, packaging and testing equipment for the automatic production of silicone bridge rectifiers. Our products include a full range of silicone bridge rectifiers more than 300 types, with their models covering GBP, GBU, KBL, KBP, KBPC, KBU, MBF, MSBL, SGBAU, SGBP, SKBP, SMD, TBP, etc. The professional production and testing team ensure the consistency and high reliability of our products. We are the product supplier for over 35 manufacturers for switching power supplies, LED lighting equipment, integrated circuits, mobile communication, computer, industrial automatic control equipment, LED TV, induction heater and other electric appliance manufacturers.

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