3000mg/h to 10000mg/h Industrial
Ozone Generator

Support both oxygen and ambient air as feeding gas.
Optimal kitchen sterilization companion for washing fruits, vegetables and cleaning.
Possess a flowmeter to adjust the air pressure of the feed gas.
Visible real-time current level of the machine from an ammeter.
Capable of controlling feed gas accurately with an air pump.

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HVAC System Air Conditioner
Cleaner Electrostatic Precipitator

Purification efficiency ≥ 95%.
Durable and efficient aluminum alloy filter cell ensures long term
performance and reliability.
Wide applications in kitchens of restaurants, delis, company canteen,
hospitals, and sport and entertainment complexes.
Compliance with local air quality laws and regulations.

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10 Head 48V Negative Ion
Anion Generator Ionizer for Air Purifier

Made in highly durable ABS resin that can adapt to high and low temperature
and high humidity environment.
Ultra low power consumption (Less than 2 KWH per month.)
A great deal of ions released can cover over 15 square meters.
Stable and reliable for long-term use.
Top quality products with CQC、TUV, UL, CE and RoHS certificates.

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Ignition Transformer for Gas
& Oil Burner and Diesel Heater

Better PCB board design to adapt to constant duty.
Adopts high temperature resistant shell and more secure and
durable insulation material. Internal components are UL or CE
certified to ensure a long-term stability.
Provide the most reliable ignition source for commercial and
industrial oil applications.
High consistency of product performance.

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3.7v to 9v Flyback Transformer
For Anti-wolf Electric Shock Device

Product shell is made of polypropylene (PP) material with good aging
resistance and insulation.
Electric circuits is encapsulated with epoxy resin.
Can work continuously for up to two minutes.
Input voltage can be customized according to customer needs.
It has a high product quality consistency and an ultra-low defect rate.
Widely applied in security equipment, electronic protective equipment,
Tasers, high voltage power grid, farm electric fences, spark plug testing
and other applications.

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