Factory Show

Product Line

A wide range of products to meet different application requirements.
The independent production of all parts of the product has been realized.
Never-ending R&D of new products for customer and market demands.

Assembly Line

High quality products equal to high quality parts and skilled workers.
Every product will be carefully tested before leaving the factory.


The storehouse is properly zoned.
Products are stored orderly according to their classification.
Controlled temperature and humidity conditions for storage.
Storehouse management to ensure fast delivery of products.

Meeting Room

Can our products be improved in some ways?
What is our new product design?
How is the production scheduled?
Here, staff from different departments can come here at any time for communication.


Here, the performance and stability of our products will be comprehensively tested.
We have a full set of professional testing equipment to ensure the high quality of products and the timely delivery of the order.

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