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Based in China, the complete product categories and extremely rich resources in the China market are the driving force for Cnxhe.com to decide to carry out business. Through the continuous new product development, our product range is becoming increasingly diversified. From the original production and customization of ozone generators, our product lines now include plasma and ESP filter, negative ion generators, high voltage generators, ignition transformers, car battery chargers, bridge rectifiers, flyback transformers, etc.

Covering an area of more than 20 acres, our company has a standard ISO 9001 certified production factory over 8000 square meters. The factory has a complete set of first-class production and testing equipment. In the entire staff team of more than 200 people, senior technical personnel account for more than 30%. Our team is passionate about what we’re doing. We are committed to developing the Chinese product market for long. Through strict selection and quality control measures, we provide high quality products and optimized solutions for more and more customers from all over the world. In view of the various risk factors that may occur in the procurement process, we have rich experience to ensure the smooth progress of the process.

The reputation we get from our customers is not accidental, it comes from the provision of quality products and consistent service. In this rapidly changing world, we are determined to provide our customers with competitive products with our professional work. We hope to cooperate with more partners, so that the Made in China products with higher value can reach a broader global market.



Establishment of the company.


Joined Alibaba and began the foreign trade business.


Designed and started the production of all-in-one ozone kits.


Designed and produced double-sided and weld-free ozone plates with stainless steel electrodes.


Designed and produced high concentration ozone modules and large water-cooling ozone tubes.


Launched the improvement of ozone transformers and designed ozone transformers with open circuit and short circuit protection.


Designed and produced several types of ozone water generators and ozone generators for disinfection.


Started the improvement of the structures of ozone generators to improve the working efficiency and ozone concentration. New products will be launched in the 2nd half of the year.

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