Why Sihon


Sihon Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 2007. After more than 10 years development, our product line has been expanded from the original ozone generators to a variety of products including ozone generators, plasma and ESP filters, negative ion generators, high voltage generators, ignition transformers, car battery chargers, bridge rectifiers, flyback transformers, etc. The customization service we have allows customers to design and produce products according to their expectations. Our customers come from North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, etc. We have invested heavily in product development and upgrading of our production lines so that our products can meet even the highest expectations from professional users. With the support of advanced production capacity and strict quality control measures, more than ten years of efforts have brought us continuous development of business and perfect product sales system.

Customer Relationship

In our view, we don’t take customer relationship just as challenging field as many other companies do. Instead, we take it as an effective channel for deeper communication with our customers to learn more about their demands. In addition, we also believe that no matter how the mode of trade changes, the emphasis on integrity, reliability and commitment in business relations will always be essential for the development and win-win of all parties.

Our Service

Our professional work team has been trained from the very beginning to meet the high requirements in the foreign trade field. This means that our service will always be customer-centric. Any inquiries from customers regarding products and order fulfillment can be handled efficiently.

Quality Counts

Product quality not only reflects the production capacity of an enterprise, but also heavily affects the experience in final users. It is key to market strategy. So, it can be concluded that product quality determines how far an enterprise can go. We carry on strict quality control to the whole process from production to after-sale service. For any problems related to products or services, our team will continue to follow up and promote the proper solution of the problems as soon as possible until a satisfactory result shows up. To provide customers with high quality products to help us continue to gain an advantage in the market competition.


Sustainability is both an important part of corporate strategy and business success and a development concept that must always be promoted in any business activities. It is determined by a combination of many factors, which involves the positive interaction between suppliers and purchasers of any products.


In our view, sustainability includes the design and production capacity of our products, the quality control level of our products, the professionalism of our service team, how we select suppliers of components, how we evaluate risks and opportunities and how we treat each other equally in the business activities.


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