How to remove mold

A moist environment is prone to mold, it will grow in basements, garages, bathrooms, warehouses.
There will be a pungent smell, and it will cause allergies and damage to our body.
How can we get rid of them? I recommend you three methods.

1.Bleaching agent.

Mix 4 liters of warm water with 250 ml of bleach, and then use a brush or towel to scrub the mildew with the mixed water. Try to dry the area as much as possible afterward, as moisture promotes mold growth.

As for the hard-to-reach places, you can put the bleach solution into a small spray bottle. Spray the bleach solution directly on the mold and scrub it with a regular brush.
This solution is most suitable for mildew in bathrooms, kitchens and other tiled home spaces or impermeable surfaces.

Bleaching agents are very effective in killing mold and mold spores. The active ingredient in bleach, namely sodium hypochlorite, is also the main ingredient in many anti-fungal products. But bleach usually only fades the mildew spots, not completely, it just makes them invisible.

2.White vinegar

Pour undiluted white vinegar or apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray vinegar on the moldy surface and scrub thoroughly with a brush. Make sure to dry the area completely.
The vinegar solution is only used on non-permeable surfaces, such as tiled surfaces, not on wooden boards.
Unlike bleach, vinegar is non-toxic and does not release dizzy fumes. As a weak acid liquid, vinegar is said to have an effect of about 80% in eliminating mildew and related particles.

3.Use ozone machine

Wipe off areas with mildew stains first with warm water. Then turn on the ozone generator.
Let it work for an hour. After finishing, wait for half an hour to enter the room. Ozone can destroy the inside of the bacteria, working for more than 1 hour can eliminate more than 99% of the mold.
And there is no residue and no pollution. Ozone is produced by oxygen in the air. During the disinfection and oxidation process, the excess oxygen atoms combine to form molecular oxygen after 30 minutes, and there is no residual chemical substance.
At the same time, for basements, storage rooms, garages, and other environments, using an ozone generator once a week can completely eliminate mold.

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