1-3ppm Ozone Water Generator For Water Purifier

  • O3 Output: 5000mg/H
  • Water Pressure: >3.0 Bar
  • Temperature: 5-30 degree
  • Ozonated Water Flow: 200 L-1200 L/Hour
  • Ozonated Water Concentration: 1.0-3.0 PPM (Inlet water temperature: 15℃; Ambient temperature: 20 ℃; Inlet water quality:< 500micros/cm)
  • Rated Power: 100W;
  • Voltage: 110/220V (optional); 50/60Hz
  • Unit Size: L245 x W 160 x H310MM
  • Net Weight: 3.5 KGS
  • Gross Weight: 5.0 KGS

1.How does a water Ozonator work?

The ozone generators use oxygen or air as a fuel source to produce ozone gas. By exposing air or oxygen to a controlled, high-voltage discharge at a set frequency, high concentrations of ozone are produced. This ozone is then used by water treatment plants to treat wastewater.

2.How long should you Ozonated water?

Ozonating for 5 minutes as most web sites suggest will do almost nothing. Ozonate each 1/2 quart of water for at least 20 minutes. Therefore if you are ozonating a quart of water you need to ozonate for 40 minutes. One gallon requires 2 hours.

3.How do you store ozonated water?

Follow these steps to store your water for the long-term:

Use a small ozone generator to sanitize the water with ozone such as the Ozone 500i water Ozonator. Store your water in a cool place, out of the sun. In the future, before drinking your stored water, pour it first into another sterile container to oxygenate it.

4.Does ozone water kill good bacteria?

Ozone is 35 times more powerful than chlorine and can kill pathogens (harmful organisms) is seconds rather than minutes. Ozone was discovered in 1840 and by the 1890’s was recognized as a safe and effective oxidizing agent for water purification.

5.What does ozone kill in water?

   Ozone is an excellent disinfectant with the superior ability to kill viruses and biological contaminants found in water. It is also a very powerful oxidant that can oxidize metals in water such as manganese, iron, and sulfur into insoluble particles, aiding in their filtration and removal from water.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 15 cm
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