27 g/h Ozone Generator Quartz Tube O3 Air Purifier with Stainless Steel Electrodes

Brand new design: Features 9 a powerful ozone generating module including 9 quartz tubes
Sturdy Structure: Matte black metal case which is resistant to corrosion
Easy to Use: A 120-minute mechanical timer with a HOLD position
Working State Indicator: A big and red working state indicator
Highly Efficient: Higher and more stable ozone generating rate + Super large ozone diffusion fan
High Safety: Features an individual switch with a fuse to protect its circuit
Light-weight and Portable: Small in size and light in weight. Its ergonomic and high-strength plastic handle makes it very easy to move from one place to another.
Application Environments: Family, kitchen, hotel, office, shopping mall, super market, KTV, pet houses, livestock farms, etc.

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