6V DC Ignition Transformer for Farm Fog Machine Sprayer

3v&6V igniter is used for the igniter of the fog machine.

The ignition is strong.

Various models can be customized according to requirements.

1. Outline drawing
1) Layman size: 60.5㎜*30.5㎜*30.5㎜
2) Length of power input cable (white): 230mm; length of red and black cable: 220mm
3) High voltage output line, length 330mm; black line length: 235mm

Ignition Transformer

2. Electrical parameters:
1) Input voltage: DC6V Working current: 2.0~3A;
2) Ignition distance: 6mm, output voltage: 30KV MAX;
3) Continuous ignition time: 30min;
4) Weight: 120G
5) Operating voltage range: DC 5.2V~6.8V.
6) The continuous working time is not less than 30min when the rated voltage is 3V, and the continuous working time is not less than 25min when the rated voltage is 5.2V~5.9V and 6.1V~6.8V.
7) The working environment temperature is 5℃~45℃, and the non-working environment temperature is 95℃.


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