DC 3.7V to 9v Taser HV Moudle/High-Voltage Generator

  • Products apply in stun gun/ electric pulse shock, named height voltage transformer/HV
  • Specification is as following: electrical specifications are test at 25°C
  • Input voltage: 3.7V to 9v
  • Output voltage: 30-50kVp-p, 1 send at 10mm space
  • Current: 1-1.5A
  • Output current 1mA type, 1 second
  • Duty cycle: 20% maximum
  • On: 1 second
  • Off: 2 second
  • Times: continue same operation 20 times
  • Res: no overheat on transformer
  • No failure on the unit
  • Continue arcing with same voltage and current
  • Environment-characteristics:
    • Storage temperature: -55 to +85°C
    • Operating temperature: -40 to +85°C
    • Operation humidity: 95% maximum, non-condensing
    • Size: 60*23*19mm
    • Weight: 30-35g

Something You Need To Know

Taser hv Moudle
The stun gun high voltage transformer is Suit for stun gun, security equipment, guard against theft and so on
Igniter for installation instructions:
Two thin wires connected with power or battery(DC4.8V)you need,
Two thick wires connected with power line of
Security equipment, guard against theft and so on.
Salute ignition installtion instruction:
According to the red line or pick spark ignition needle
finelines used to connect power or battery or control, red connected with positive,another connected with grounded negative.
Weight 0.035 kg
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