Ozone Laundry System for Washing Machine and Laundry Room

  • Product name: Sihon Ozone Generator for Eco Laundry Washer System
  • Model: KH-W502
  • Electrical INPUT: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Electrical OUTPUT: DC 12V, 3A
  • Water Pressure Required: 40-75 psi
  • Water Operating Temperatue: Use Cold Water Only
  • Dimensions: 31cmX42cmX9.6cm
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs

12V Intelligent Dual-Ejector Ozone Laundry System

  • Preferable clothing cleaning and sanitation solution.
  • Ultimate insecticide removing solution for fruits and vegetables.
  • Effectively get rid of laundry machine odors.
  • Reduce daily costs on water heating and chemical detergent use.
  • Reduce plastic pollutants.

A Chemical-free, Eco-friendly and Safe Water Sterilization Solution

  • Intelligent and environment-friendly companion to remove insecticide and hormone residues.
  • Best choice for tableware disinfection, kitchen and toilet sterilization, and odor elimination.
  • Uses a safe 12V DC power for safety in home use.

Ozone Laundry Benefits

  • Achieves an efficient clothes sterilization to effectively remove odor.
  • Reduces the use of chemical bleach while achieving a better whitening effect.
  • Avoids residue problems caused by using chemical fluorescent brighteners.
  • Activates detergent to make clothes more fluffy and supple while save the use of softener.
  • Cold water washing reduces hot water consumption and drying time.
  • Reduces the use of chemical detergents for less rinse cycle, less water consumption and a reduced sewer discharge.
  • Reduces chemical wearing to fabric such as linen while increases its longevity
  • Avoid exposure to harmful chemicals to ensure health.


1.Households enter the water processor through the inlet and flow through to the jet;

2.Pure air enters the ozone generator from the air dryer;

3.The ejector will create a powered water stream of flowing water;

4.The water with ozone flows to the gas-liquid mixing place, so that the ozone and water are fully mixed (the ozone concentration is as high as 0.5mg/L)

5.The fully mixed water is sterilized by the ultraviolet germicidal lamp behind the mixer;

6.The sterilized uniform ozone water is transported to the washing machine, kitchen, toilet and other water places through pipelines;

How It Use?

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ozone water machine


Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 31 × 42 × 9.6 cm
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