Ozone Plate 3.5g to 10g

Size:90×50mm   Ozone production:3.5g/h  Appearance:Mesh integrated green envelope

Size:90×50mm  Ozone production:3.5g/h  Appearance:9 lines without encapsulation

Size:90×50mm  Ozone production:7g/h   Appearance:9-wire split double-sided discharge

Size:90×50mm Ozone production:7g/h  Appearance:9-wire integrated double-sided discharge

Size:95×60mm  Ozone production:5g/h Appearance:12 wires tinned / blue coated

Size:105×50×0.635mm  Ozone production:5g/h Appearance:Mesh split

Size:88×108×1.0mm  Ozone production:10g/h Appearance:Reticular tinned yellow film

Size:90×110×1.0mm  Ozone production:10g/h Appearance:Mesh split

Ceramic ozone tablets are used to produce ozone generator, remove peculiar smell, sterilize and disinfect

ozone plate

ozone plate




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