Replaceable 15/30G/H Quartz Tube Ozone Generator Used For Air Purifier

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Soft Start Design: When starting work, the power will go through a more linear rise process to reach the rated power. It has the advantages of saving energy, reducing the impact on the power supply, and making the equipment run more stably.
Exquisite Manufacturing Process: Unlike conventional quartz tube ozone generators, the quartz tube used here are required to maintain a high degree of equidistance and parallel. Only high quality quartz tubes are selected for use to ensure high quality and reliability.
No Electrode Shedding Problem: The use of quartz tubes in this ozone generator avoids the common electrode shedding problem in conventional ceramic ozone plates.
Easier Replacement: The replacement of the quartz tubes can be quickly finished only by unscrewing the fixing screws.
Easier to Clean: Conventional ceramic ozone plates are difficult to clean. It only has an internal electrode and no external electrode. There will be no pollutants formed on the surface of the quartz tubes in this product after a period of use. A quick cleaning can be realized by only removing the fixing screws.

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15g/h, 30g/h

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