100mg/200mg/500mg/800mg 1000mg Ceramic Ozone Plate

  • 100mg/h  Size: 37*15*0.635mm   Appearence: Single Line blue film
  • 100mg/h  Size:  37*15*0.635mm Appearence: Double-line blue encapsulated blue film
  • 100mg/h  Size:  38*16*0.635mm Appearence: Single Line blue film
  • 200mg/h  Size: 38*16*0.635mm   Appearance: Double line L blue encapsulated blue film
  • 1g/h  Size:  51*34mm Appearence: 6 Wires thinned/ blue encapsulated blue film
  • 500mg/h  Size:  40*20*0.8mm Appearence: Loop Line blue film
  • 500mg/h  Size:  48*25*0.635mm Appearence: Ring black encapsulated black  film
  • 800mg/h  Size:  50*25mm Appearence:loop

Ceramic ozone tablets are used to produce ozone generator, remove peculiar smell, sterilize and disinfect